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Creating an Instagram Profile

One of my favorite things about instagram is that profiles are very simple. It keeps things simple, and keeps the focus on the content. Still, there is plenty you can do when creating a profile.

Account Creation

Creating an instagram account is fairly easy, but if you need a large amount of accounts it may be tricky. If your goal is to spam instagram with 30 accounts that is up to you, but for me I am not interested in that type of method. I prefer to have a handful of manual accounts, and build a qualiity following. Still, it is good to have multiple acccounts, unless you literally just want one single business account.

There is nothing wrong with that, especially if instagram is just a part of your general strategy. Quality is important as well. It is very easy to create an account, especially from your phone. If you aren't using a phone, or have used the maximum account creation per phone, an e-mail works too.

You can also link a facebook account with an instagram account, which is a way to get around phone limites. Keep in mind that instagram has blocks and spam filters, as it is getting spammed alot. If you create or run too many accounts from the same phone, or IP address, instagram can easily detect you.

Part of it depends on how fast / aggressivley you grow the accounts, but just be careful to not look suspicious if you are using alot of accounts. I create all mine by my phone, facebook or a trusted e-mail account, so far no problems.

Profie Creation

Now that you have an account, time to create an attractive profile!

Instagram displays a few things in public.

Small Profile Picture - Instagram displays a small circular profile photo in the top left of your profile page, as well as in searches. Take advantage of this by either using it to catch attention, or use a real pic to make it look genuine. Make it show what your account is all about.

Your Instagram Postcount / Followers / Following - This is the next information displayed at the top of your profile. Theres not much you can do about this, but your following count will likely rise if you use the follow / unfollow method. Once you are able to, lowering the following count will make your account look more legitimate. Most legitimate large accounts have high followers but low following. You can unfollow people after a while to fix this. Also make consistent posts over time so your post count is naturally high.

Instagram Name / Username - The middle section of your profile contains your instagram name, which might be a real person name if you chose it. You can edit it easily to display what you want to, based on your goals. Your actual instagram username will also be displayed, as well as in search results. Pick a clever or attractive name, or one that is easily searched.

A Short Bio - Under your instagram name your profile will display a short bio. It can be at least a few lines, and usually whatever you want to say. Typically I have a call to action to my website, with a short description. You can change it easily based on new content. This is one chance to look legit, since there is not much other profile info.

Your URL - Instagram allows for a single website url, that is clickable. It is a good opportunity because the URL stands out, since there is not much other profile stuff. I use a link to a website, as I use my accounts to promote my websites. You can put a CPA Link, website link, or pretty much anything. Keep in mind that instagram bots crawl your link, and they may easily reject CPA links or URL shorteners. In addition, a bad link can get your account flagged as suspicious, so be careful. You don't have to put a link right away, and you can change it. So if your link is questionable it can be best to wait. Check the Instagram monetization section for more info on what to put here.

Your Picture Feed - The next, and last major profile display in instagram is your photo feed. Of course this is a huge part of marketing to take advantage of. The more eye catching and professional your pictures look, the more legitimate your account looks. Having a decent array of pictures also helps growth. Clicking on pictures will show comments and likes, so more engagement leads to looking more legit. That is why growing is important, because it starts to grow itself.

Use all the above profile aspects and make your profile sell! Figure out what your target audience wants, and create a profile that gets lots of engagement! Always be testing and improving your profiles.