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Picking Pictures - Instagram Tips

Instagram is a picture heavy social network. I personally love it for that reason, because I love pictures. When it comes to growing an account effectivley posting quality, and unique pictures is key.

Im not saying that the pictures have to come straight out of your own camera lens, but if you are creative you can make it happen. I post alot of good nature pics on some of my wellness related accounts. If you want the account to be legitimte, or at least look legit, it helps to post a couple pics of you in it.

How you go about this is up to you. Obviously if you are just doing CPA Marketing or app install spam, you might not want your picture on it. But then again, would it really be risky if you did?

On some of my accounts I am trying to spread advice / tips and I post some pictures of my face to build a brand / increase the content I can post. How you do it is up to you, but people may feel more connected if they see a real person.

What Works Well - Colorful Eye Catchers

So now that we have talked about pictures a bit, which ones work best on instagram? Keep in mind it is fine to post pictures you found, especially if it has been altered is not claimed by anyone.

If you are in the hot girls niche, its not hard to find plenty of random hot girls. In addition you can repost hot girls from instagram if you give them a shoutout. For example: Posting a picture of a girl named _jcr08 with the tag "@jcr_08" is an easy example.

If you are in fashion or shoes, eye catching shoe pictures. If you don't have image editing software, get GIMP image editor and learn to make easy changes to your pictures. If it is memes or animals, just post some funny pictures you find. What pictures you post depends on your angle, but be creative.

If you look at popular instagram accounts, they have plenty of eye-catching, colorful pictures. If it is girls, get the sexiest, eye candy pictures. When people glance at a photo gallery, it is easy to tell if the account is high quality or not.

Here are a few of the things to look for when choosing pictures. You don't always have to have these, such as the originally made one. These always do better on instagram though.

- Colors, ones that look attractive
- How high quality, is it good resolution?
- Is it unique / originally made by me
- Will it get shares / engagement?

If you are advertising a certain CPA product or offer, you definitley want pictures and posts related to that. However, you should still make plenty of non advertising posts, to keep your followers happy.

I always check my engagement, and see which pictures get more attention. It can sometimes be random, and changes based on account growth. However, you can still use that to figure out what to post more of.