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Instagram Marketing - Picking Your Niche

When I say niche, in alot of ways I really mean niches. Im not saying that you have to choose more than one, as sometimes it is easier to focus on one niche.

However, the beauty of instagram is how easy it is to create profiles, and grow them slowly. Most instagram marketers have at least a few accounts, even the ones who are not spamming.

I still prefer to keep the number low, as I do my marketing manually and managing too many is tough. I have a few in direct niches I wrote e-books in and have websites in, and a few others such as memes, animals, stuff I like and can still use to market eventually.

I recommend you look at a couple of factors when choosing an instagram niche.

Is this niche marketable?

The answer to this question does not always have to be yes, but you need to look at it regardless. If you are planning to use instagram as part of your marketing strategy, it helps to know what niches you are targeting in that regard.

Here are some examples of marketable niches, keep in mind many of these are getting targeted by spammers, but that doesn't mean you can't do it better and take your own slice.

- Women's shoes
- Health
- Beauty / Makeup Products
- Fashion Products

Some of those niches such as fashion, beauty work well because of how easy it is to share images. Part of success in that department will depend on how you monetize, so you may want to read the whole guide and look at the whole picture before truly committing.

The beauty is that if you choose a few niches, you can test out and see which ones work.

Now, I would not limit yourself to only the "marketable niches", because they can be very competitive and saturated. For example, I have one in the health niche because that is one of my main website niches, but I also have some that are unrelated.

Instagram is very easy to cross market on, especially if your niches are closely related. In addition, you can always sell shoutouts and monetize the less "marketable" ones in other ways. I put marketable in quotations because in the dynamic Internet Marketing world, even things you would not expect to work can turn out to be killers. In reality, nearly anything can be marketable, and more unique ideas can do better.

Here are other examples of what I am talking about. Niches that might not seem marketable, but do well on instagram. Keep in mind it helps to really post good, unique and entertaining content, and these niches can be easier.

- Animal Pictures
- Memes
- Nature Pictures
- Inspirational Quotes

So you can see these might not be the same as makeup, but are probably less targeted by marketers. If you are creative, you can still find a way to take advantage of these pages.

One last thing to consider here is your own personal interests. I made sure to choose niches that I have a personal interest in, so it is easy to curate and post good content. In addition I already have other sites set up for some. You may not come up with ideas, and that is ok because you dont HAVE to have true interest in the niche. However, it is a great place to start.

Once again, choosing a niche may take more than reading this page, so get a good general strategy decided and try out a mix of money niches, and fun niches. The best part is that it is always easy to create a new account for new ideas, but keep in mind its harder after the first 5 or 6. Instagram only allows so many accounts per phone, and I prefer to not have to switch IP addresses. You will want to look into this if you are trying to build 10+ accounts, but that is up to you.