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How to make money off your Instagram Accounts

Just because you are on instagram, doesn't mean you have to make money off your accounts. However, if you are an internet marketer, obviously this is your goal. You can be using the accounts to funnel traffic to your campaigns or websites, or make money off the account itself.

However, or whether or not you decide to monetize your account is up to you. This page will be updated with the latest tricks for making money off instagram.

There are alot of options, even when it comes to just making money with your instagram following itself.

Monetizing Your Following?

When I say monetizing your following, I mean selling shoutouts or monietizing your account based on it's reach. As opposed to trying to get people to buy a product or fill out a CPA install, you can charge people just to have shoutouts from your account or posts related to them.

There is no set amount of followers required, or not set amounts you can earn. You have to feel the market out and see what others are charging. You would be surprised at the money you can make. That is why it is a good strategy, because you may not want to promote CPA offers or products in your account. You might decide its better to just post only content, and build a following you can make money off of. You can also sell off entire accounts, but I only feel that its worth it for fast cash, or offloading extra workload.

Even using this strategy, it can still take plenty of time to have enough followers. I would recommend getting above 10k followers before trying to sell shoutouts and ads, but that is up to you. Either way, companies know the marketing power of instagram, so they are willing to pay for it. Take advantage of that!

Choosing your own monetization

If you are growing instagram accounts you no doubt have some marketing tactics for at least some of the niches you chose. The most common ones on instagram are -

- CPA Signups
- Health / Beauty Suppleents / CPA Offers
- Mobile Cost Per Install / Apps
- OGAds or other content lockers
- Website Links
- Health / Beauty Suppleents / CPA Offers
- Fashion Prodcuts / Clothes

This is only a short list, and the ways to monetize your accounts are endless. If it is a hot girls account, you could use a dating CPA offer.

However you decide to, the more creative you are the better. Still, the options above will work great. The beauty is that you can change it up sometimes once the account has grown, so growing the account and following is always important.