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Instagram Marketing - Growing Your Account

You can have plenty of cool pictures, and a legit looking instagram account, but if you have no followers it probably won't go far. There are plenty of ways to grow an account, but you have to be careful that you don't set off instagram spam filters.

Here are some of the top ways you can grow your account.

Follow / Unfollow Method - This method is the most basic, and most common method for instagram. It is easy to automate, but also easy to do manually. It is great for getting initial followers. You can search a page topic related to your niche, and follow all the people following it. Keep in mind you can get banned for following too many, so I usually do 100-200 a day at the fastest. If you are in a hurry you can do more, it depends on how much other stuff you do.

One thing I said was also unfollow. This is because instagram only allows you to follow 7500 max, so you have to start unfollowing eventually. You can usually get at least a few thousand followrs before even hitting that, so its a good strategy.

Linking / Commenting - One easy way to get noticed is to post comments on pictures of related accounts. You can also hit the like button on some of their posts. Liking them won't get you much notice, but its very easy. Commenting can, as it will display your name. I like to mix it up like this a bit, just do it efficiently so you don't waste time. You can post URLs in comments, but they won't be live. I prefer to just post short, easy comments.

Shoutouts - You can easily give another account a shoutout but posting @ followed by their account name. This will give them extra exposure, but is also a great way to get noticed. In addition, you can contact instagram page owners for pages you want a shoutout from, and they might be willing to give it to you for free. If not, plenty of large accounts sell shoutouts, so you can invest in that if you need an extra boost.

# Hashtags - We all should know that hashtags are a way to get noticed on social media. On instagram they are a great way to get your posts and pictures noticed. You can choose your own hashtags, guess them, use autocomplete, or use instagram software to pick it for you. I recommend posting at least 10-20, but be careful that you don't go overboard or use ones that set off instagram's spam filter. I don't go crazy to ensure they are perfect and that I use a ton, but I try to include a large amount in some posts.

These are just a few of the main growth strategies on instagram. You can choose to do it manually, or find automated programs / apps to help you. If you do, it can be very easy, but also leave a trace with instagram. That decision is up to you.

Instagram is growing and adding new features such as Live Feeds and Advertisements all the time. Get started with some accounts so you can learn and keep up with the trend!