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Im Back Baby

March 21 - 2017

I know there are probably not alot of you reading this yet, but hopefully this satisfies the few visitors so far. I have been working my ass off grinding it out on mostly Kindle books and PPC Ads.

Expect alot more content and updates starting today. I also have written a 150 page book designed to tell part of my spamming story, and help anyone learn the fundamentals of online business.

Probably the best part of this year so far has been breaking into PPC ads, mostly on Bing. I was fortunate to be handed a successful campaign, which is the first one you see.

However, even though it was profitable, the offer was paused after a few weeks. I have spent the last month since then trying to create new profitable campaigns, but with no major success. However, I did learn alot and continue to learn, because honestly it takes burning through money to learn PPC.

I also had a little bit of success on Clickbank, but in the end my budget is too small to optimize a campaign. I am working part time as well, and now I am saving money to get back into it.

Finally I have still been making sales on my Amazon Kindle books, even though they are sporadic. Adding in paperback books has doubled the sales I would have made.

Finally, my websites and social media accounts continue to grow. I used some cheap tactics to get likes to my pages, but mostly from garbage countries.

I am still working on my websites, which are all still in development. However, some of them have achieved some decent SEO rankings.

Overall things are going well, but it has taken tons of work and personal development to get here. I was very disorganized and unproductive for a while.

I can promise wholeheartedly that this website will be getting massive content updates starting now, and soon my book will be available with tons of cool info.

Stay tuned for alot more guides and updates, now that I have some knowledge to share!